Action Painting Workshops and Teambuilding Activities

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Action Painting Workshops

Action Painting Workshops
We offer you entertaining, creative, energetic eventpaintings, art activities and action painting workshops for your next business meeting, conference or teamevent.

The attendees will most certainly enjoy the opportunity to be creative and to play with the paint as a balance to mental work and for stress reduction.

We encourage everyone with all our energy and enthusiasm to join in and have fun – action painting is an exciting experience for everyone!


Action Painting – Facts

  • no prior skills  required
  • for 40 – 200 and more participants
  • unforgettable and unique group experience
  • 3 hours inspiring activity
  • develops creative skills
  • sustained motivation and identification

The Artist

The artist Etelka Kovacs-Koller born 1952 in Hungaria, is internationally renowned for her spectacular action painting performances. Her pictures are seen as living on spontaneity, on power, on the pleasure for play and for the momentum of colours. Her message is full of optimism – the acceptance of life, even if we are confronted with uncertainties, surprises and challenges.

„The most delightful (and at the same time the most appeasing) aspect of action painting is that there is no rational possibility to evaluate the results; the paintings are personal statements in colour, form and movement. Action painting happens spontaneously, unplanned, following the possibilities of the very moment; wild, rebellious, impassionate and cinsequently radical. Like life is!“

What Client’s Say

„The workshop was a risk. Could a large group of nervous Microsoft employees (many of whom had never met before) cope with an afternoon of loud music, blank canvases, overalls and paint? In the end the session was a triumph. Without exception, people felt they learnt something about themselves and their team. I would recommend working with this mad German artist to anyone.“

Damian Horner, Strategy Consultant
„With corporate attendees from all over Europe, Middle East and Africa, none of them known for their artistic ability, our large group of managers were a tough audience to win over. Etelka is amazing – she has incredible energy and enthusiasm and she soon had the whole group in blue overalls actively engaged in transforming the venue with colour. Some discovered hidden talents that they were unaware of, others enjoyed the opportunity to connect with their childhood love of painting. The time flew by. An excellent team building experience, thoroughly enjoyed by all and expertly facilitated by Etelka. If you are looking for an entertaining, creative, energy-filled event then I highly recommend Etelka to you“
Christine Clacey, Microsoft

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask!